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Land and Land Use

 Mean holding size

 Farm holding size in Kisii County is typically small holdings, ranging from 0.5 to 4.5 acres of land. The small size holdings are as a result of high population pressure on land, which results in subdivisions and fragmentation of holdings. The land holdings in the county are estimated at over 135,000 which consist of households who engage in mixed farming. The subdivisions have affected agriculture as the mechanization is not possible hence there is need to discourage such practices by clearly designating residential and agricultural land in the county.

  Percentage of land with title deeds

The number of people with title deeds in Kisii County is estimated at about 40%. This is ancestral land holding hence inherited and therefore many people do not acquire title deeds as they cannot be used as securities to secure loans from financial institutions. This has serious implications in the county’s development since a small percentage of the county population can access loans for development purposes.