Under Constitution of Kenya 2010 National and County Governments are distinct but interdependent. The county government is composed of the Governor, County Executive Committee and County Assembly. The County Executive Committee is expected to supervise the administration and delivery of services to citizens as well as conceptualize and implement policies and county legislation. The County Assembly is a legislative organ and will play an oversight role on all County Public Institutions including the urban areas and cities.

Kisii County Government has been structured into 10 departments:-

  • Administration, Cooperate Responsibility and Stakeholder Management
  • Finance and Economic Planning
  • Energy, Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  • County Health
  • Education, Labour and Manpower Development
  • Roads, Public Works, Transport and Housing
  • Lands Physical Planning and Urban Development
  • Culture, Youth, Sports and Social Services

  Core functions of the Office of the Governor

  • Appointment of ECM and other Officers
  • Appointment of Task Forces
  • County Assembly Liaison Affairs office
  • Chairman County Executive Committee
  • Custodian of County Seal and Flag
  • County Honours and Awards
  • County Reception Service
  • Boundaries
  • Governor’s Council Liaison Office
  • Protection of the County’s interest
  • Direct and control functions of Departments
  • Appointment of County chief Officers
  • Appointment of other state officers as provided in the constitution or any other Law