Trade, Tourism, Industry and Marketing

Headed by: Dr. Alfred Ndemo Ong'era - CEC


Trade constitutes a key and highly productive sub sector of the Kenyan economy. It has strong linkages with other sectors of the economy and contributes towards employment and wealth creation.

 It contributes significantly to the Kenyan Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through promotion of domestic and international trade. The sector plays a crucial role towards the attainment of National Development Objectives and the Millennium Development Goal 1 which focuses on eradication of extreme poverty and hunger and Goal 8 on development of global partnerships for sustainable development.

The Department is headed by a Director and has three Divisions at the Headquarters namely: Business Support Services; Trade Monitoring & Research; and Trade Policy and East African Matters. The Department also has a representation at county levels. Presently there are 50 Trade Development Offices covering all the 47 counties.

In Kisii County, there are Two TDOs both stationed at Kisii Central covering the entire county.

The activities are coordinated at the County Trade Development office with technical support from the Director of Internal Trade at the Head Office.


The mandate of the Department is promotion of domestic trade through creation of an enabling business and investment environment.

Our Vision

To be a leader in promoting competitive domestic trade in Kenya by 2030

Our Mission

To facilitate orderly growth and development of domestic trade in Kenya.

Core Functions

The Department is responsible for the following:-

  • Domestic Trade Development Policy
  • Promotion of  retail and wholesale markets
  • Development of micro, small and medium enterprises
  • Private sector Development

Core activities

In undertaking the above core functions the department engages in the following core activities:

  • Formulating, reviewing and implementing  domestic trade and investment policies
  • Providing  counseling and advisory services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs)
  • Collecting, analyzing and dissemination of trade information (BICs/BSCs are urgently needed in Kisii)
  • Facilitating MSMEs to access affordable financing through linkage to various institutions and by providing credit
  • Undertaking regular trade monitoring through conduct of market surveys and research
  • Promoting Producer Business Groups (PBGs)
  • Development of wholesale hubs and Tier 1 retail markets
  • Encouraging development of private sector trade associations and collaborating with them in trade development

Our Clients

  • The department’s clients are:
  • Business Community
  • Relevant government ministries/departments and state corporations /agencies 
  • Investors
  • Donor agencies / development partners
  • Private sector membership organizations
  • Financial institutions and micro financial institutions
  • Relevant professional organizations and  research institutions
  • Media and civil society organizations
  • Members of staff


  • Collaborate with relevant institutions on trade matters.
  • Monitor and evaluate trade practices, policies and trends.
  • Continuously gather, analyze, store and disseminate trade information to investors, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and the public in general.
  • Promote indigenous entrepreneurs to take advantage of export opportunities
  • Conducting of market surveys.
  • Collaborate in the fight against unfair trade practice.