Housing Sector


The Department of Housing is headed by a Director of Housing . It  has a workforce size of 17. With the envisioned growth of services, it is proposed to increase the workforce size to 34. One Sub County office will be strengthened to provide services to 4 sub counties.

The Department has 417 houses in the County which attract rents.


Excellent, affordable, adequate and quality housing for Kenyans.


To improve livelihoods of Kenyans through facilitation of access to adequate housing in sustainable human settlements.

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • High Quality Service
  • Integrity
  • Innovativiness
  • Professionalism
  • Promotion and Protection of Public interest
  • Zero corruption

Functions of the Department at the County

  • Management of Strategic national government houses
  • Acquisition of titles for strategic national government houses
  • Technical advisory to County/National government agencies
  • Implementation of social and physical infrastructure policies and strategies for slum upgrading
  • County Housing Survey
  • Office accommodation for both national and county government functions
  • Facilitating access to housing through various strategies and programs
  • Audit for assets (housing) of the national government
  • Planning and development of housing infrastructure projects
  • Capacity building for communities on Approach Building Materials and Technology
  • Identification , implementation and management  of projects in slums and informal settlements to improve living standards
  • Conducting research on housing and human settlement
  • Preparation of county budgets and profiles as per the transition to devolved government act 2011
  • Housing development


This period covers the elections year and continues for three years after the first general elections under the new constitution. The housing function will entail:

  1. Valuation and rental assessment for government houses
  2. Identification of office space and residential accommodation for county and national government functions , negotiation, preparation and administration of leases
  3. Preparation and implementation of maintenance work plans for pool , institutional and disciplined forces houses
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of maintenance projects and programs
  5. Categorization and registration of government houses
  6. Board of survey for government houses


  1. Housing administration

a)   Placement of tenants(county/districts house allocation committees)

b)   Housing inventory

c)   Rent Management

d)   Neighborhoods


    2.  Security of government houses

a)   Demarcation and surveying of land with government houses

b)   Fencing

c)   Inventory of land with government houses


   3.  Taking stock of real estate assets for both national and county government interest

a)   Local houses

b)   Classification (strategic or county houses)


  4.  Capacity building ahead of the onset of devolved government

a)   Sensitization of staff ahead of the devolution of functions

b)   Identification of required equipment and staffing levels


  5.  Implementation of government policies on housing

  6.  Preparation of rental indices and market trends in the real estate at country levels

  7.  Conducting  surveys for housing demand in the context of the devolved government