Weights and Measures Sector


The weights and measures functions are closely adherent to the six United Nations Principles

Underlying the policy of consumer protection stated as follows:-

  • The right to physical safety from dangerous goods and services;
  • The right to economic safety from offences or malpractices which deny consumers optimum benefit within economic resources;
  • The right to such information as is necessary in order to make informed choices according to individuals wishes and needs;
  • The right to available and effective redress;
  • The right to consumer education;
  • The right to form consumer groups of organizations to be consulted and to have their views represented in decision – making process.


To be a National leader in the provision of the County legal metrology services


To ensure uniform and Accurate Trade Measurements, Fair Trade Practices and consumer protection


Fair trading practices and consumer protection.

Mandate developed from the enforcement of the weights and measures Act, Cap 513 and the Trade Descriptions Act, Cap 505, Laws of Kenya and any other subsidiary legislations developed by the cabinet secretary concerned from time to time.


  • Formulation, review and implementation of policies and registration of weights and measures and other consumer protection services.
  • Promotion of uniformity of all measurements in trade through procurement and maintenance of physical standards of weights and measures, which are nationally and internationally recognized.
  • Control of the accuracy and manner of use of weighing and measuring equipment in use for trade
  • Control of the sale of goods in terms of quantity i.e. weight, measure or number of such goods as laid down in the regulations.
  • Protection of the consumer against cheating through false description of goods and services in terms of quantity, quality, price, composition, fitness for purpose, place
    • or date of manufacture or such other practices.
    • Regulation of sale, manufacturing and repair of weighing and measuring equipment for use for trade.


The strategic objectives of the department are to:-

  • Continuously, maintain accurate working standards of weights and measures for use in checking the accuracy of all weighing and measuring equipments in use for trade;
  • Ensuring fairness in trade transactions involving quantity measurements through regular checks of all weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments in use for trade and inspection of all trading premises and factories, at least once a year;
  • Continuously ensure all new types or patterns of weighing and measuring equipments intended for use for trade conform to the specifications laid down in the weights and measures Act, Cap 513 and that the equipment is not a type which could be easily manipulated or altered to permit fraudulent use in trade.
  • Regularly monitor the performance of all persons engaging in the manufacture, repair, and assembly or overhauling of weighing and measuring equipments for trade use to ensure that all required standards of accuracy are maintained.
  • Regularly monitor all advertisements in the media to monitor false description of goods and services as a means of enticing the consumer to buy such goods or service.

Core values

  • Communication: To ensure smooth information flow for both internal and external Stakeholders
  • Integrity and to be accountable and devoid of corrupt practices in service delivery.
  • People centered: To treat customers with courtesy and respect and delight in their satisfaction.
  • Commitment: To devote all our official time to our duties and undertake to deal with customers without unnecessary delays.
  • Teamwork: To encourage team spirit, collaboration and consultation as a way to maximize the synergy of working together for improved service delivery.
  • Innovativeness: To be open and proactive in seeking better and more efficient and creativity methods of service delivery.

All suggestions/complaints should be directed to:

The County Weights and Measures Officer
P.O. Box 845 – 40200
Telephone No. 058-30448
Fax No: 058/600621

Physical location:


Along Kisii – Keroka Road – near DarajaMoja