Physical Planning Sector

The Department of Physical Planning has a workforce of five staff. It is headed by a County Physical Planning Officer.  

Due to the increased requirement for prudent physical planning, the workforce will be increased to 33 in order to cope with the increased workload in Physical Planning in the County.


An efficient and effective institution for delivery of well-planned land use system for vibrant, functional and sustainable urban areas and regions.


To provide an integrated spatial framework for sustainable socio-economic development through research, policy and land use planning


  • Interpretation and Implementation of the Physical Planning Act (Cap 286), and any other law(s) that may be enacted to guide the physical planning functions.
  • Provision of advice to the national and county government on spatial planning matters.
  • Preparation and approval of local spatial developments which include
  • Integrated cities/urban development plans
  • Towns/local centers development plans
  • Special areas plans
  • Subject/ thematic plans
  • Vetting and verification of building plans, regulation of the use of land, execution of development control and preservation orders.
  • Provision of advise on matters concerning land alienation to the National Land Commission and County governments and appropriate use of land such as change of user, extension of user, extension of lease, subdivision of land, amalgamation of land, and processing of environmental impact assessment
  • Management and maintenance of physical planning records and data bank,
  • Resolving conflicts arising from physical planning processes
  • Initiating and undertaking research on urbanization strategies and policies
  • Collaborating with local, regional, international stakeholders and National Land Commission and County Governments on matters related to physical planning.
  • Monitoring , reporting and tracking
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