Tourism Sector


The Tourism Sector is charged with the responsibility of formulating tourism policy and coordinating the implementation of strategies aimed at developing the tourism sector.  The sector is among the leading foreign exchange earners and a major generator of employment in Kisii County.  The sector has linkages with other sectors of the economy thus facilitating growth in those sectors.

Tourism sector was instrumental in the realization of the economic growth goals set out in the Economic Recovery for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS 2003-2007),  and was identified as one of the six priority economic pillars of Vision 2030.

The Ministry is responsible for the formulation, coordination and administration of policy in respect of tourism sector.  This mandate is derived from the Presidential Circular No. 1/2008 of May 2008 and the Tourism Act 2011.


To make Kisii County the destination of choice and a global leader in sustainable development of tourism


To develop, market and manage the tourism sector in a sustainable way that ensures increased earnings, wealth creation and the maintenance of Kisii County’s heritage for prosperity.


The Directorate is charged with the responsibility of developing, maintaining and regulating the tourism industry, in conjunction with the other stakeholders.

Core values

  • Teamwork;
  • Integrity;
  • Professionalism;
  • Courtesy; and
  • Commitment.

Core Functions

  • Planning and Policy-making: Overall tourism policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and review in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Overall Co-ordination: Liaise and coordinate with international, regional and local institutions on tourism issues.
  • Resource Mobilization:  Internal and external resource mobilization in consultation with the Treasury for the development of tourism.
  • Facilitation:  Establishment of an enabling legal and regulatory framework, promotion of local and foreign investments, safety and security of tourists, and conservation of biodiversity.
  • Marketing:  Undertaking and facilitating of domestic and international tourism marketing activities in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Regulation and Monitoring:  Setting standards for hotels and restaurants and regulating tourism enterprises with oversight authority in all tourism issues.
  • Code of Practice:  Collaborating with stakeholders in establishment and enforcement of codes of practice for tourism at all levels benchmarked on internationally accepted standards
  • Product Development and Diversification:  Development of viable tourism products and promotion and community participation in tourism.
  • Capacity Development:  Coordinating capacity development and setting of standards in the hospitality industry.
  • Research and Development:  Undertake and coordinate research in the sector.