Finance, Economic Planning and ICT Services

Headed by: Mr. Kennedy Okemwa Abincha - CEC



The Department of Finance, Economic Planning and ICT Services derives its mandate from the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and other related subordinate laws including Public Management Finance Act 2012, County Government Public Finance Management Transition Act 1    2013 And County Government Act  2012 and is responsible for finance and economic planning of the County.

The department's a pivotal role in the coordination of development planning, mobilization of public resources and ensuring effective accountability for use of the resources for benefit of Kisii County.

It coordinates County government departments/entities in the preparation of the annual County budget. It is the responsibility of the department to initiate and guide all sectors to prepare their budgets. The department also provides Accounting, Auditing, IT, Insurance, Pensions, Procurement.

The department has established an elaborate network through its established department’s, and sector institutions, to effectively deliver on its mandate.


The mandate of the department is to:

  • To Implement Financial and Economic policies in the county
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Resource mobilization
  •  Managing County Government’s public debt and other obligations & developing debt control framework
  •  Consolidating Annual appropriation accounts and other financial statements of the County Government  Custodian of the inventory of County Government  Assets
  •  Ensure compliance with accounting standards prescribed by Accounting Standards Board
  •  Ensure proper management and control of, and accounting for the finances of the County Government  and its entities in order to promote efficient and effective use of county budgetary resources
  •  Maintenance of proper records for CRF, CEF and other public funds administered by County Government 
  •  Monitor County Government  entities
  •  Assisting County Government  Entities develop capacity
  •  Provide National Treasury  with information
  • Issue circulars
  •  Advise County Government Executives, County Executive Committee, and County Assembly  on financial matters
  •  Strengthening financial and fiscal relations between the National  Government and County Government  in performing its function
  •  Reporting regularly to the County Assembly  on the implementation of annual county budget
  •  Taking any other action to further the implementation this Act.


 To formulate sound economic policies, maximize revenue mobilization, ensure efficient allocation and accountability for County resources.


 To be the most excellent County Treasury in terms of resource mobilization and allocation to foster economic and financial management

Core Values

 In order to realize the above vision, and mission, certain shared values shall be nurtured. The Ministry shall observe the following core values:

1.   Integrity

Adherence to Code of Values or Responsibilities we consistently adhere to our duty to execute the mission and responsibilities of Finance while advancing the goals of the County Administration.

Credibility (The quality of inspiring belief)

  • Consistently demonstrate our commitment to the Ministry of Finance, the County Administration.
  • Consistently provide accurate information and sound analyses.
  • Execute audit work with independence and objectivity, both in fact and appearance.

Confidentiality (Being faithful to an entrusted confidence or ensuring controlled access to information whose unauthorized disclosure would not be in the best interests of the County)

  • Be alert, sensitive to, and clear about what information you are not at liberty to pass on.
  • Remember that personnel matters often are confidential as well.
  • Be careful about who might be in earshot when you are discussing confidential information.

2.   Accountability

We take full responsibility for our activities and are accountable for our work. We honor our commitments and take pride in our work.

3.   Team Work and Meritocracy

 We work together collaboratively and in recognition of the contribution each of us makes to the common purpose of serving Ministry of Finance, the County Administration, and the people of Kisii.

Collaboration (Cooperating toward a common purpose)

  • Provide assistance as necessary to achieve the County Administration’s and the Ministry’s policy goals, even if attaining those goals is not directly your responsibility.
  • Be helpful when other units in Finance or other agencies in the County Administration need your assistance to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Support collaborative efforts, both within and across work groups, which improve the Ministry’s ability to achieve its goals.

Communication (Conveying knowledge or information to enhance individual and organizational performance)

  • Keep those informed who need to be-Ensure that information is shared with those who need it to accomplish Finance’s goals.
  • Be clear and timely in providing information, instruction, or direction to others so they can efficiently complete their assignments.
  • Solicit and be willing to give and accept constructive feedback.
  • Be open-minded.

Recognition & Support (Acknowledging and valuing the efforts of others and lending assistance)

  • Honor your responsibility to hold up your end of the team effort.
  • Foster a positive atmosphere in the work environment.
  • Recognize that all jobs in the Ministry are important to the successful execution of Finance’s responsibilities. Each of the people who fill these jobs is valued as a contributor to the organization.
  • Recognize the accomplishments, contributions, and efforts of others both within Finance and in other Ministries.

Flexibility (A ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements)

  • Be able to accommodate change in response to shifting priorities, policies, and work assignments.
  • Keep the primary goal in focus and be willing and able to change direction to attain that goal.

4.   Alignment

 We are committed to supporting the achievement of the Ministry's goals and are fully aligned with its strategic and financial priorities. The goals serve as the framework by which we operate and make decisions.

5.    Service

We view ourselves as service centers in support of the financial mission. We respect divisional autonomy and acknowledge each stakeholder's unique requirements for success. We anticipate the needs of those we serve and offer proactive and flexible solutions. We take lapses in our service delivery personally and work expeditiously to make corrections.

6.   Transparency

We readily and openly provide information. We proactively communicate our work status, priorities, and deadlines. We make clear the rationale for our recommendations. We convey changes immediately and consistently.

7.   Efficiency and Effectiveness

 We seek effective and efficient ways to solve problems, better serve our customers, and to remain fiscally responsible. We are not afraid to try new things in our efforts to continuously enhance the results of our work. We constantly measure ourselves to demonstrate a commitment to be good stewards of the resources allocated to us.

8.   Responsiveness

 We anticipate the needs of the County and internal stakeholders. We put proactive plans in place to meet those needs with creative and fiscally responsible solutions. We follow through on our deliverables. We reply to requests for information in a timely manner.

9.   Respect

 We approach our work with a deep respect for different opinions and seek to find common ground. No matter how difficult the issue or circumstance, we treat those we encounter with respect and dignity. We value not only different opinions, but also experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We foster a culture of respect within our teams.

Guided by these values, we serve the County through the many financial and administrative areas we represent. We make a difference in the life of the County by our collective efforts. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing value added service in a proactive, flexible, and efficient manner. We recognize that the quality of our performance directly impacts our customers' ability to achieve success. The satisfaction of the County community and progress toward strategic goals is a direct reflection of our effectiveness as an organization.

The Kisii county treasury and economic planning department is responsible providing accurate and timely information regarding the country’s financial affairs treasury and economic planning affairs.

To achieve these, the department is subdivided into two broad divisions i.e. treasury and economic planning.

Contact us on:

Tel: +254 58 30005/30081

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