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Invest in Industries



Sugar Processing Factory

The development of a Sugar Factory in South Mugirango to cater for sugar production in the county is more urgent than ever before. There are readily available raw materials in the form of sugar cane and farmers have the potential of increasing acreage to support the establishment of a sugar factory. The other products include sugarcane juice which is medicinal (digestion system) while mixed with ginger, lemon and chilies. We are looking for investors to invest in this sector.



Milk Processing Plant

Currently, Kisii does not have a milk plant to process milk products. We rely on the Generosity of Brookside and New Kenya Creameries Cooperative Ltd. We intend to put up a milk plant supported by 9 cooling units each at the sub-county level. These will be milk collection centers. We will also process cheese, yoghurt milk as a value addition. This project will be actualized if organized cooperative groups are funded to undertake projects in milk processing.



Banana Processing Plant

The banana research at KIRDI in Kisii suggests that there is great potential to add value to our bananas if we are to get value for our investment. Banana plant and can be processed to make banana flour, banana clips, dried banana, banana chips/crisps and also in processing banana wine. Currently USAID supports horticultural projects in high potential areas through “Kenya Horticultural Competitiveness project”. We request funding for the banana processing plant within this framework.



Avocado Processing Plant

Kisii is well endowed with avocado that is not well utilized at the moment. Most of it goes down to waste because of lack of post handling facilities like preservation cold rooms. The avocado processing plant for juice, used for soap making and shampoo among other products will increase return to farmers. Currently investors from Holland have an Avocado processing plant in Maragua District in Muranga. We are seeking potential investors to take advantage of the available raw materials.


Juice Extraction and Water Bottling Plant

A juice making plant could be used for a dual purpose of also bottling water. Currently all bottled water used in Kisii is imported from Nairobi. The County has potential to establish a pineapple and passion juice plant.



Tea and Coffee Processing Plant

Tea and coffee are currently the main cash crops in Kisii County. Value addition through processing and packaging for both local and international markets will raise the profile of the County. The County could collaborate with other like-minded Counties to start blending and quality packaging in Dubai. This venture could be supported by the yet to be established Kisii County Development Foundation.


The above are some of the potentials that could be sported in Kisii County and which could be exploited for the benefit of our County and the residents in particular. The potential is there but the major limitation is financial that we are now seeking from development partners in order to tackle the high poverty levels in Kisii County, now standing at 60.7%.


Processing of Indigenous Vegetables

This will be done through sun drying using the USAID technology currently at the KIRDI centre in Kisii. There are many Medium and Small Enterprise (MSE) business groups currently engaged in the production of high quality traditional vegetables. They require support to enhance their business through exports.