Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development

Headed by: Mr. John Billy Momanyi - CEC


The headquarters of the Ministry is located in Kisii Town. It is headed by the County Executive Committee Member, Mr. John Billy Momanyi - CEC and Chief Officer, Mr. Njoga Crispus Nyaoko. It has five directorates namely; Lands, Housing, Physical Planning, Survey and Mapping and Urban Development.


Premier provider of integrated land use and Management services for prosperity of the Kisii County.


To enhance effective and efficient County land use, better housing, appropriate physical planning and urban development for high quality of life.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic Objective of the Department are:

    1. To formulate and implement an appropriate policy and legal framework for the development of the sector
    2. To provide appropriate guidelines for sustainable sector management
    3. To develop a county sectoral sustainable land use and management framework
    4. To modernize housing schemes and urban centres by ensuring use of efficient housing methods and strategies
    5. To provide a spatial Framework for socio-Economic Development of the County
    6. To guide development within the county by preparation of development plans, County Spatial Development Plan and Urban Development Plans
    7. To secure resources and quality E-services for county digitalization system for better performance and delivery of services
    8. To build and acquire competencies for better service delivery
    9. To coordinate and manage the Department’s partners to support the Department achieve strategic plan objectives


To formulate and implement land policy, undertake physical planning, facilitate registration of land transactions, undertake land surveys and mapping, valuation and administration of County land.

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