Directorate of Survey and Mapping

The Department has a workforce size of 22. It is proposed to increase the workforce size to 30 employees in order to cope with increased workload at the County.

The Department is responsible for all matters affecting land surveys and mapping.


To play a leading role in the provision of accurate geographical data through modern surveying and mapping technology

To produce, maintain and distribute accurate geographical data to ensure security of land tenure, socio economic development


  • Surveying for production of small scale topographic maps.
  • Approving all mutation surveys.
  • Resolving boundary disputes using measuring tapes for general boundaries and total station for fixed boundaries.
  • Mapping of infrastructure , utilities, and natural resources.
  • Provision of 3rd order Geodetic Network.
  • Implementation of court orders.
  • Maintenance and storage of survey records.
  • Provision of grid control for cadastral survey.
  • Survey of new grant surveys and reestablishment of survey beacons.
  • Determination of property boundaries.


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